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Ba-Rock! Dance performance where classical meets the modern

An event that revisits the Baroque period, blending modernity with history.
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  • Min: 30 People
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Welcome to a wonderful dream of the 18th Century: revisiting the Baroque period where modernity meets history.
Welcomed by a troupe of artists in costume, with music of the era, the atmosphere quickly begins to change shape as the skirts of the dancers get stripped away and the DJ mixes Baroque music with modern tunes. A series of dance and juggling shows unfurl, creating a bizarre atmosphere, elegant and exciting. Then a grand finale in the ballroom will kick off the party!


Creation, planning, rehearsals, technical management, direction and coordination. Sound system with microphone. Lights, including lasers, moveable lights, special effects, light technician. Professional film maker. Sound and light technicians. DJ. 4 artists (juggler, professional dancers). High quality costumes, accessories for the artists, make-up and hair included. Decorative Baroque masques. Stage.

Not included

Transfer of the guests. Music licensing rights (SIAE). Accommodation for the staff. Rental of the location. Dinner for the guests. Dinner for the artists and staff involved. Travel expenses when necessary. Stage, when necessary. Baroque masques for each guest. Images in Baroque costume. Classic live trio MolecOOlar, mobile bar with the most famous cocktails in the world as well as the "molecolari cocktail". Cigar and chocolate area, with experts and a range of cigars, chocolates and liquer. Strolling table.

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It is possible to organise your event in different locations across Sicily. Contact us for more information.

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The deposit paid upon booking is not refundable under any circumstances.

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