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Italian Street Festival

Italian Street Festival: a party of street artists, live music and dancers
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  • Everyday
  • ITA - EN
  • Min: 30 People
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Transform your dinner or lunch into an Italian street party! Imagine the chequered red and white tablecloth, the street lights, Italian flags, music, wicker baskets, all bringing life to a truly traditional Italian atmosphere!

Once arrived you will be welcomed by numerous multi-coloured characters, and throughout the evening you will enjoy a range of itinerant street performers: accordion players, trampoline artists, caricaturists, soothsayers, street scammers, jugglers, shoeshiners, dancers... just choose what best fits your event!

But the surprises are still to come: during the evening and between the courses you will be treated to an opera singer, on a little improvised stage, who will sing some of the most famous classic Italian pieces, such as 'O Sole Mio' and 'Nel blu dipinto di blu'.

Ladies and gentleman, Italy has been served!


Creation, planning, rehearsals, direction and coordination. Film maker. Sound system with microphone. Lights. Audio and video technicians. 6 artists, choose between: trampoline artists, caricaturists, soothsayers, scammers, jugglers, shoeshiners, traditional ballerinas, actors, presentors, etc. Opera singer. Set materials and accessories for the artists. Scene-setting elements: Italian flag, lights, wicker baskets etc. Small stage for the opera singer.

Not included

Transfer of the guests. Music licensing rights (SIAE). Accommodation for the staff. Rental of the location. Extra artists or characters in costume. A newsboy who will deliver to the guests an old-style newspaper within which there'll be a personalized menu, an editorial piece about the customer and more information about Italy's traditions, language and curiosities. Folklore group. A photographer in costumer and an old-style camera, including an area with old-style clothes so you can dress up for the photos, printed there and then, in sepia. A Vespa, Fiat 500 or a traditional Sicilian cart to be featured in the photos of the participants.

How to reach us

It is possible to organise your event in different locations across Sicily. Contact us for more information.

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Please contact us for a personalised quote.

Cancellation policy

The deposit paid upon booking is not refundable under any circumstances.

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