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Sicilian night: a Sicilian themed night!

A Sicilian themed night with music performances, ballads and Sicilian puppets
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  • Everyday
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  • Min: 30 People
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Immerse yourselves in the magical Sicilian atmosphere of music, dance and Sicilian puppets!
A 'cantastorie', or ballad, is an old and famous Sicilian institution, which will pull you into its world as you dine. With the help of paintings, this ballad will introduce Sicily and over 3,000 years of history in just 120 seconds - a fast and captivating performance!
The guests will take their places and each person will be given a Sicilian tambourine (optional) for a quick icebreaking session. Directed by the 'Maestro' your guests will start to play, and following the rhythm, will learn to play with confidence!
And then finally it's time for dinner... Each course will be accompanied by exclusive entertainment, including our unique theatre of Sicilian puppets! Our actors will bring back to life the ancient tradition of Sicilian puppets, both in Sicilian and in English, in a new and highly entertaining performance! After dinner it's time to all sing and dance together with a folk group.


Creation, planning, rehearsals, technical management, coordination, direction. Director of the professional events. Cantastorie (ballad). Original paintings of the narrators. Exclusive performance of the Sicilian puppets. Folk musicians. Folk dancers. Professional audio and lights system. Audio, video and lights technician. Screen, mixer video with 8 channels. Costumes, accessories and make-up for the artists.

Not included

Transfer of the guests. Music licensing rights (SIAE). Accommodation for the staff. Rental of the location. Dinner for the guests. Travel expenses, if necessary. Cigar, chocolate and liquer area. Photo booth: corner with accessories to put on, printed there and then, in colour or in sepia for old-effect. Sicilian tambourines as a gift to all guests. Sicilian hats, personalisable with the logo of your company or the event.

How to reach us

It is possible to organise your event in different locations across Sicily. Contact us for more information.

Booking terms and conditions

Please contact us for a personalised quote.

Cancellation policy

The deposit paid upon booking is not refundable under any circumstances.

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