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Until the boat goes: team building at sea

Entertaining team challenge on boats built by the participants
  • Easy
  • Everyday
  • ITA - EN
  • Min: 30 People
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One of the most entertaining team building activities ever created where all participants will get to compete in exciting challenges aboard of boats that they will have personally constructed.

Divided into teams, the participants will receive a few materials necessary to design and construction their own cardboard boat. Each team will then compete, either in a pool or in the sea, with at least one voluntary on board.

Additional materials, that could have a key role in the building, will assigned to the winners of several mini-challenges that will take place over the course of the activity.

Every activity is planned to enhance the importance of team work, communication and leadership.

- Location: several locations are available all around Sicily
- Fun and educational team building activity 
- Activities easy to adapt to any number of participants


Creation, production, technical management, coordination and direction.
Professional art director.
All materials necessary to the construction of the boats and to the mini-challenges (cardboard, scissors, cutters, megaphone, flip-charts etc...).
Creation of a real live-radio, including a dj and a speaker/anchor person.

Not included

Location rental

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