Eastern Sicily 3 hours
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Orienteering on Etna or on the Nebrodi mountains

Incentive-driven, team building. A sport that strengthens the team spirit.
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  • Min: 10 People
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Orienteering is a sport discipline in which the participants, divided into teams, have to navigate themselves in order to reach a defined final destination.
The orienteering can be done with GPS or with traditional maps.
GPS navigation: each team must follow the coordinates in order to reach the destination.
Map navigation: uses compasses, topographic maps and chronometers. Orienteering is generally practised in woodland. Etna is an ideal environment for the sport but it is also possible to do it in other parks and areas of Sicily, or even in the city.

Contact us to plan together your day of team building, training, or to celebrate a special event in a different and unusual way!

The programme may be carried out according to your requirements, tailoring the duration, location, and difficulty according to specific needs. On request, other ad-hoc team building activities can be prepared. The moving around can be done on foot or by jeep (extra on request). The duration of the experience can range from a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 6 hours. A minimum number of 10 participants is required for organizing the activity.

Example of the activity with maps: each team has to find a number of objects within a limited time. It is possible that the objects are numbered and they must find them in such an order, or that the participants can choose the most efficient and brief order, using a reference map to navigate. The team orientates itself with the compass and map.

Example of the activity with maps and GPS: each team must arrive at a given point following a series of GPS coordinates. The teams will choose the route that they consider the best: they can take the shortest route or the one that seems easier to cross, but the goal is to get to the destination before the opposing teams and win.


Day of orienteering structured as per request.

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Everything that is not specified in the "include".

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You are advised to wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes. Bring water with you.

How to reach us

The guide will contact you to arrange meeting point details.

Booking terms and conditions

Full payment in advance is required in order to book the service.

Terms of use

In case of adverse weather conditions you will agree on a new date compatible with your own availability.

Cancellation policy

Withdrawal communicated at least one week before the service can be refunded at 80% of the price. Withdrawal communicated after this limit cannot be refunded.

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