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Paragliding in tandem over Western Sicily

Paraglide over Western Sicily accompanied by an instructor: an easy way to immediately take flight!
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Soar up in the great sky and watch over everything from above?
Although it seems the beginning of the famous film Otto e Mezzo, it is not a dream: now you can do it too!
You will have the chance to take flight and paraglide in tandem with an AeCI instructor.
There is no need to undergo special physical preparation and there's no need to hold your breath when the parachute is opening: there is no leap of faith because paragliding in tandem is much gentler, much sweeter.
Before take-off there will be a detailed briefing by the instructor in which he will explain what happens at take-off and the inflation of the paraglider. After a normal initial feeling of nervousness you will supported by the instructor and accompanied on the flight: you are about to experience a new and magical world which you will never forget!
The flight lasts about 20 minutes for each participant, but if the aerological conditions are favourable - and you want to - the flight can last longer and also go up to a higher altitude.
The smooth landing takes place either at the same point as the take-off or in a designated area in the valley. And there we will be waiting with your certificate of your first flight!
Lift your eyes to the heavens and try this unique and emotional experience!

If you wish to book your Hd Video of the experience, not to ever forget that extreme rush of adrenaline, you can do it upon booking as an Extra (20€). You will be given a 8 Gb SD Card with the record.

Location of take-off: all locations in the province of Palermo. The exact location will depend on the weather conditions. The instructor will contact you the day before to explain which location will be best on that given day. The main spots are: Piana degli Albanesi, Cipirello, Partinico, Ciaculli, Bolognetti.


Tandem paragliding lasting about 20 minutes, technical assistance, insurance, flight equipment (the paraglider, helmet, harness) and fuel. At the end you will be awarded the certificate of first flight.

Not included

Everything that is not specified in the "include"


You are advised to dress in comfortable clothes and trainers.

How to reach us

You will arrange the meeting point with your instructor, who will contact you in due course. The main spots are: Piana degli Albanesi, Cipirello, Partinico, Ciaculli (PA), Bolognetta (PA).

Booking terms and conditions

To confirm your booking we require an advance payment of 20% of the total sum. The remaining sum must be made on the day in cash.

Terms of use

In case of unfavourable weather conditions you will be able to agree another date directly with the organizer.
Children under 25kg can only participate in this experience if they accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.

Cancellation policy

Withdrawal allowed up to 4 days before scheduling.

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