10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily

Exploring Sicily through its most evocative 10 beaches is an unforgettable experience. In this article we will take you on a journey between beaches of golden and soft sand, crystal clear waters, natural caves and wonderful cliffs!

The Blue Flag is an international certification issued by the FEE, Foundation for Environmental Education, the non-governmental organization that promote and valorise marine environmental practices since 1987. This brand certify the quality of the waters, beaches, services and security measures.

We begin our exploratory tour with Furci Siculo (ME) beach, located 20 minutes north of Taormina, between two streams of Savoca and Pagliara. The coast is composed by small pebbles that extend to the crystalline seabed.

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Marinello lakes, located at the foot of the Tindari Sanctuary are a natural phenomenon of rare beauty. These are small brackish water lagoons that change shape and size depending on the tides and winds, creating an almost surreal landscape. The formation is due to the tectonic and marine action of the currents. Their fairy-tale appearance attracts nature lovers and migratory birds. The wild landscape is typical composed by with rocky walls and almost inaccessible caves but the 2 km of the bay is something magical!

Also, there’s a legend about the Marinello lakes: it’s the story during a summer afternoon, when a little girl who escaped from her mother while visiting the Sanctuary of Tindari, leaned out of the lookout and lost her balance and fell. The black Madonna of the Sanctuary intervened to save her, creating a soft strip of sand where the little girl was able to land without getting hurt.

Once a place of extraction of pumice stone from the 17th century until the 2000s, the year in which the Aeolian islands became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hamlet of Acquacalda is undoubtedly one of the most evocative on the island thanks to its northern position.

The narrow and long coastline is characterized by a large mountain of white pumice, unique in Europe, and is composed of gravel.

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The seaside village of Castel di Tusa (ME) is located in a strategic position, between the Madonie Park to the south west, and the Nebrodi Park to the south east. The coast is made up of large pebbles, for this reason we advise you to wear sea/rock shoes.

In the surrounding area it is possible to independently discover the famous “Fiumara d’Arte” created by the A. Presti Foundation. It is an outdoor contemporary art sculpture gallery, currently the largest in Europe

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  • Santa Maria del Focallo, is 9 km from Ispica (RG), consists of a beach with shallow and sandy seabed, a long typical African coastline.
  • Marina di Modica, with sloping seabed. To be admired in the distance is the former Pisciotto factory, or “Fornace Penna”, famous as the location of some episodes of the television series Inspector Montalbano, and an example of industrial archaeology.
  • Marina di Ragusa, with a coastline made up of long, narrow beaches of golden sand and shallow seabed. Beyond the tourist port, there is also a long stretch of rocks with blue waters and deep seabed, ideal for snorkelling lovers.
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  • Lido Fiori, coastline composed by a fine sand dunes that change shape and size depending on the wind, clean and uncontaminated sea.
  • Porto Palo, a small seaside village, with beach clubs and restaurants where you can eat excellent fish;
  • Cipollazzo surrounded by sand dunes and thick reeds. The area is subject to landscape restrictions because in mid-August, it is possible to witness the exciting opening of the eggs of the sea turtles that nest there, protected by the WWF.

Discover the beauty of Sicily through these extraordinary beaches and prepare to be enchanted.

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