6 reasons to visit Capo d’Orlando

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Discover Capo d’Orlando, the “Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea”, relax on the most renowned beaches, explore the seaside village, immerse yourself in the almost uncontaminated nature and try the experiences around the area area. Discover the 6 reasons to visit Capo d’Orlando!

Wonderful golden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, an ideal location to spend your holidays relaxing and having fun. The most famous beaches are San Gregorio and San Giorgio.

Also worth photographing is the Capo d’Orlando lighthouse, dating back to the early 1900s and made up of a square tower plastered in red next to another building on the ground floor. The lantern, located at the top of the tower, can be reached via a spiral staircase. The exterior of the tower is adorned with architectural decorations in white plastered concrete which give the building a particular neo-Gothic appearance.

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Lose yourself in the colorful and narrow streets of Capo d’Orlando, the squares and the historic buildings such as Villa Piccolo, the home where the Piccolo family from Calanovella lived: children of art such as painters, poets and botanists. The Villa today is a museum, it consists of four bedrooms, including that of his nephew Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, furthermore, it is possible to admire precious collections of ceramics, it also houses a library with thousands of volumes and a historical archive with an art gallery full of vintage prints and documents. On the ground floor there is also the evocative collection of “magic watercolours” painted by Casimiro Piccolo. The exterior presents a splendid park and lush garden, with rare plant species, surrounded by a countryside of olive and citrus trees.

Just under 40 minutes by car from Capo d’Orlando, choose one of our experiences at the Nebrodi Park among waterfalls, natural and artificial lakes, enchanted woods of uncontaminated nature with wild animals, and rocks to reach on foot, and that at sunset they are tinged with gold!

Walk along the tourist harbour of Capo d’Orlando to admire the calm of the fishing boats and enjoy a dinner by the sea or eating an ice cream. Click here to admire the weather conditions and the surroundings of the marina harbour, thanks to the webcam.

Even if today some medieval ruins remain, the Castle of Capo d’Orlando is certainly one of the places we recommend you go and see, both for the breathtaking view of the surrounding area and to discover the legend of its foundation which would It was the work of Charlemagne, in honor of the paladin Orlando.
In the same place there is also the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Capo d’Orlando, or Maria di Porto Salvo, where to get there you have to climb about 400 steps but the scenery it offers the visitor is unique, it extends from the bay of S. Gregorio, to Capo Calavà, the Aeolian islands beyond Cefalù. Along the path of aromatic herbs such as myrtle, mastic, acanthus, artemisia, caper, catmint, oregano, fennel, rosemary, wild olive, you can admire the scenes of the Via Crucis created in bronze

(C) Antonino Bartuccio

If you are passionate about traditions and folklore, like us, we suggest you to go and see the Nebrodi Ethnoanthropological Museum. A museum that collects ancient testimonies up to the present day, of ancient crafts and tools, costumes and clothes and much more.

Discover the beauty of Sicily through these extraordinary locations and prepare to be enchanted.

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