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18 October 2018

Walking tour Palermo: practical guide to the city

Walking tour Palermo The capital of Sicily is a city of many places to see. The long history of this city and its many civilizations and peoples has made Palermo a place of notable artistic and architectural heritage. There are the Arab-Norman sites of Palermo, as well as the cathedrals of Cefalù and Monreale, which are […]

18 October 2018

Hiking Mt Etna: a guide for hiking the highest active volcano in Europe

Hiking Mt Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, in the province of Catania. The volcano’s land is rich and fertile, home to vineyards, orchards and cultivated fields, creating a stunning landscape which has for centuries attracted travellers, artists and poets. Today, thousands of tourists take part in organised tours to ascend the volcano and […]

8 October 2018

Our top 5 of the best restaurants in Palermo

It’s easy to spend a lovely day in Palermo with all its wonders, but the one thing that can make a lovely day even better is tasting classic dishes of Sicilian cuisine in some of the best restaurants in Palermo. If you’re visiting Palermo you simply cannot miss La Vucciria, a whole district that sets […]

8 October 2018

The most important Volcanoes in Europe

Europe holds many treasures: monuments, gastronomic delights, but most of all, natural wonders, including volcanoes in Europe, dispersed across the continent. It’s time to discover some of the marvels never seen nor spoken about, but absolutely worth knowing about. The many volcanoes in Europe. Active or dormant, in the sea or in the heart of […]

4 September 2018

Catania pizza: where to eat the best ones

Everybody knows that Naples is the city of pizza, but you should also know that also at Catania pizza is pretty special and you can find a number of pizzerias that can offer you a perfect pizza. Here are our best pizzerias in Catania: 7+: Just 7 minutes from the old town centre and easily […]

3 September 2018

Visit Sicily Cefalu: everything you need to know

Amongst all the stunning landscapes that the Western region of Sicily has to offer you, Cefalù is without a doubt one of the best. To visit Sicily Cefalu is to confront head-on the great contrasts between water and rock, since the town itself sits at the foot of a rocky promontory which looks over an […]

27 July 2018

Things to do in Catania: our best recommendations

Visit Catania and its surroundings in just 3 days? We suggest you things to do in Catania! A city full of life and a thousand opportunities: how can you capture all this vitality in just a few days? Follow us. With us you won’t need anything but a map and some comfy shoes. All in […]

27 July 2018

Cooking classes in Sicily: all you need to know about the sicilian cuisine

Cooking Classes in Sicily Many ask what do the Italians really eat in their homes. Well here’s your chance to make everybody think that you’re a real Italian at the dinner table. Most Italians follow a Mediterranean diet rich with fruit and vegetables, but also a lot more… Italy indeed offers an amazing range of […]

27 July 2018

Palermo market tours: history and curiosity

Palermo market tours The markets of Palermo are the perfect place for an authentic taste of the past and traditions of Palermo life, beside abandoned neighbourhoods and palaces left in ruins, full of long-lost memories, walking through dilapidated doorways, emblematic of the divide between past and present, history and existence, or along streets and alleyways […]

27 July 2018

Stromboli Island: everything you need to know about the island

Coming to Sicily but not planning to visit Stromboli island? No way! Stromboli is one of the those places you cannot let pass you by without visiting. With its breathtaking landscape and the ‘streams of fire’ that light up the sky at night, Stromboli island offers an unforgettable experience. The volcano, which is one of […]