Burgio: a charming little Sicilian town

Burgio is one of Sicily’s hidden treasures, a town that stands out as a veritable citadel of artistic craftsmanship. Located among the enchanting Sicilian hills, this picturesque town is much more than just a tourist stop. Here, art and creativity are intertwined with ancient history, creating a unique and fascinating atmosphere.

In this article, we will take you on a discovery of this picturesque Sicilian gem!


Burgio boasts an ancient history rooted in medieval times. Founded during the Arab occupation of Sicily, the town has been influenced over the centuries by different cultures, including Normans and Byzantines. This mixture of influences is reflected in the city’s unique architecture and culture.


Burgio, although smaller in size than Sciacca, is also noted for the quality of its ceramics, a tradition that originated in the 16th century when families of potters from Caltagirone settled in the town. This influence of Caltagirone is evident in the colors and patterns of ceramic decorations. In addition, the history of ceramics in Burgio is well documented through the establishment of the Museum of Ceramics.

In addition to ceramics, Burgio is home to the last bell foundry in Sicily, which processes bronze using ancient and secret methods. It is possible to watch the bronze casting process and the creation of the bells during the casting days.

In the same area, there are also workshops specializing in artistic stained glass and artistic wrought iron work.

What to see:

  1. Burgio Castle: this ancient castle offers breathtaking panoramic views of the town and surrounding countryside. Explore its historic walls and immerse yourself in the past.
  2. Mother Church of San Giorgio: one of the oldest churches in Burgio, dating back to the 15th century. Admire the Gothic architecture and religious artworks that tell centuries-old stories.
  3. Ceramics Museum: discover the art and history of Burgio’s ceramics at this fascinating museum. Admire the exhibits and learn about traditional production techniques.
  4. Vineyard Excursions: Join guided tours of local vineyards and learn about the process of wine production, from vineyard to bottle. Taste local wines and learn to recognize the unique nuances of each variety.
  5. Walk in the Historic Center: Get lost in the cobblestone streets of Burgio’s historic center. Admire the colorful facades of the houses, visit the artisans’ stores and savor the authentic atmosphere of the town.

Come discover Burgio and be enchanted by its authentic beauty and rich heritage.

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