Catania pizza: where to eat the best ones

Everybody knows that Naples is the city of pizza, but you should also know that also at Catania pizza is pretty special and you can find a number of pizzerias that can offer you a perfect pizza.

Here are our best pizzerias in Catania:

7+: Just 7 minutes from the old town centre and easily reached on foot, this pizzeria has a vast menu of many different kinds of Catania pizza, from simple to niche. Compared with the pizzas from Naples, the pizzas here are much bigger, so unless you’re very hungry you might want to share one between two. You can also choose which type of flour you would like the pizza dough to be made out of, classic, multi-cereal, Kamut, wholemeal or glutin-free. The prices range from €8 to maximum €10.

Al Vicolo: from a little street, an alleyway, as the name suggests, which looks over via Manzoni, and just a little stroll from Piazza Stesicoro and the Roman ampitheatre, two of the most historically important areas in Catania. These Catania pizzas are unique, using sourdough and all local ingredients. The pizzas are soft and easy to digest, also because the dough is left to rise for at least 24-36 hours. Tasting these pizzas takes you on a virtual journey through the heart of this city. The menu has 60 variations, including many different flours, such as hemp, Kamut, rye and Sicilian ‘tumminia’, 5 cereals, nerisi. The prices range from €6 to €16.

Locanda cerami: in one of the most charming and ancient streets of Catania, via Crociferi, the emblem of Baroque architecture in Catania. Condensed in a stretch of just 300 metres this street holds 5 of the most beautiful 17th Century churches of the city. The pizzeria’s menu has 40 different types of Catania pizza, with a light dough. Prices from €6 to €11.

Le Quinte: this pizzeria is on a side-street of via San Giuliano, one of the longest and most famous streets in the old town centre. Starting by the sea (at Via VI Aprile) it heads towards the ‘Quattro Canti’ (the ‘four corners, at the meeting of the streets via Etnea and via San Giuliano) and then, crossing via Etnea, it climbs steeply up a road of large slabs of volcanic stone. What makes this pizzeria different is that there is also a more sophisticated and elaborate Catania pizza on offer, known as a ‘Gourmet pizza’. This pizza is served sliced in slithers and the ingredients have to be subdivided between each slither so each mouthful is a perfect representation of that perfect pizza. Also here you can choose a wholemeal or 5 cereals dough. The prices range from €6 to €14.

Or are you curious to learn how to make a real Catania pizza yourself? Take part in one of our best cooking classes in sicily, held in the heart of the city.

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