Cooking classes in Sicily: all you need to know about the sicilian cuisine

Cooking Classes in Sicily

Many ask what do the Italians really eat in their homes. Well here’s your chance to make everybody think that you’re a real Italian at the dinner table.

Most Italians follow a Mediterranean diet rich with fruit and vegetables, but also a lot more… Italy indeed offers an amazing range of exquisite foods, known around the world. Pizza is just one example.

But it’s time to debunk some myths: the Alfredo pasta, or pasta with meatballs, is not a traditional Italian dish, nor is pizza with pineapple. It’s time to stop thinking that any pasta or any pizza, with whatever topping it may be, is therefore Italian.

The classic Italian breakfast is coffee and a croissant, or during the hot months, a granita with a brioche (in Sicily). At lunch you eat well: lasagne, pasta alla norma, parmigiana, seafood linguine or linguine with a ragu sauce. We use fresh ingredients.

The first thing that they’ll teach you at a basic cooking class is without a doubt, how to cook pasta and a sauce. Just don’t put any oil whilst it’s boiling!

cooking classes in sicily

If you go to cooking classes in Sicily, we will teach you, for example, how to cook the pasta alla norma, including how to prepare aubergines, the tomato sauce with fresh basil, and lots of salty ricotta.

For dinner, at home, as when you go out, there are some important mainstays: pizza and arancini. These require a lot of laborious preparation but, with the right help, it’s like a walk in the park. Here we propose for you two types of cooking classes in Sicily: the first includes preparing recipes Sicily such as caponata and other savoury delicacies, and the second cooking classes sicily is concentrates on the sweets, including cassata, the cannolo, babàs and much more.

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