Dinghy excursion in Favignana and Levanzo!

Discover the hidden treasures of Sicily, sail to the Egadi Islands and enjoy a day of sun, sea, good typical Sicilian food in total freedom.

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The tour begins with navigation towards the Ex Stabilimento Florio delle Tonnare di Favignana and Formica, and then continues for the first stop of the magnificent and unforgettable dive into the crystal clear waters of:

Cala Azzurra, from the color of its waters with white sand seabed and pink reflections.

Cala Bue Marino, in the midst of ancient tuff quarries, here the water has a particular intense blue color, sometimes light blue.

Cala Rossa, in the midst of rocky walls, is a wild and uncontaminated beach, its waters are an intense blue with shades tending towards turquoise.

At lunch, stop to taste the “cunzato bread“, that is two slices of bread seasoned with local and genuine products, oil, salt and pepper. After the typical light lunch we continue by boat to discover the Cave of Lovers, which takes its name from two characteristic identical rocks next to each other as if held in an underwater embrace.

From here, the itinerary continues towards the small island of Levanzo for another refreshing afternoon swim stop.

  • Do you know that in Sicily there is a cave that features graffiti dating back to the Neolithic period? We are talking about Levanzo and its Grotta del Genovese, discovered in 1949!
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  • The small village of Levanzo is made up of just over sixty houses overlooking the marina. There are no cars on the island because there are no suitable roads, and this is one of the most peculiar characteristics of the island.

Discover the beauty of Sicily through these extraordinary islands and prepare to be enchanted.

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