Discover Street food in Palermo: go through its markets full of history and curiosities

walking tour palermo

The street food in Palermo is an appreciated routine by food lovers because you find fresh local specialties cheap to eat.

Street Food is cheap and with less than 3€ you can buy it everywhere.

The food is fresh and cooked on the street, so it’s easy to find and quick to taste.

The food is cheap and genuine! It’s consumed standing up or doing a simple walking.


In addition to restaurants and typical trattorias, you can also buy street food in various kiosks, vans, at markets, or at local food festivals! The tradition of street food is linked to local tradition.

Are you curious to discover Palermo? Get lost in narrow streets with a local guide, you’re in the right place!

A fun culinary experience awaits you that lets you breathe the real life of Palermo, tasting 5 different local specialties such as: “sfincione”, “panelle” and “crocché”, “arancine” or “u’ pani ca’ meuza” that’s bread with spleen, all accompanied by soft drinks and some glasses of local wine.

You will visit the most important attractions such as: Piazza Verdi, the Capo Market, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the Market of S. Agostino, the Vuccirìa and Ballarò Markets, or along the wonderful Quattro Canti square!

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