E-bike cycling tourism: 4 routes to do in Sicily

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Sicily is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and near the most popular tourist spots, you can find gems almost unexplored by mass tourism, we are talking about slow and proximity tourism, often also identified as tourism sustainable.

This is the case of 2 destinations full of treasures waiting to be discovered, such as those of Enna and Caltanissetta, in the heart of Sicily.

Thanks to the collaboration with Legambiente Enna and Caltanissetta, it was been possible to design and create E-Bike cycling itineraries and routes.

An excellent e-bike ride is what you need to unplug, because it is relaxing, effortless, and also a way to immerse yourself in the environments that surround you.

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An easy and light half-day route in the heart of the Rocca di Cerere, UNESCO and Global Geopark.

The itinerary winds between the famous Lake Pergusa, the place where, according to mythology, the “Rape of Persephone” took place, and the Cozzo Matrice hill, the site of an ancient indigenous settlement with the remains of a vast sacred altar dedicated to the divinities chthonic such as Hades, Demeter (Ceres) and Kore-Persephone or Proserpine. You will cross breathtaking 360° landscapes over almost the entire island and unusual natural aspects, sometimes bucolic and barren, sun-baked along the “Sicily of wheat“.

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A circular itinerary to discover the Nisseno area, with its wheat fields, olive groves, vineyards, almond groves and limestone-chalky places, visit some abandoned mining areas (former sulfur and salt mines) and archaeological areas from the ancient age of Bronze (2200-1450 BC), which represent an important historical testimony of Sicilian culture, until we discover an example of industrial archaeology, an immense and disused mining complex which is both an open wound and a place of historical-cultural interest.

The route includes a visit to the places of the mining memory of Nisseno, the ancient “Via dei Carusi” once traveled by the younger ones who headed there to go to work in the mines and sulfur mines. Furthermore, a short stop in the former mining village of Santa Barbara with a visit to the “Maccalube di Terrapelata” geosite, a sedimentary volcanic phenomenon and departure towards the arched bridge of Capodarso (16th century). Arrived in Borgo Cascino (EN), we stop for a brief tasting of typical local products, and then continue on the way back, passing through Monte Sabucina, today an ancient archaeological area dating back to the Ancient Bronze Age (late III – beginning of the 2nd millennium BC) to the Hellenistic age (beginning of the 3rd century BC).

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A circular route of approximately 43 km, where you can see and admire hilly landscapes interrupted by rocky reliefs, cereal fields, almond groves, vineyards, peach orchards and olive groves.

We advise you to stop at the Santa Rita Bakery in the village of the same name, to taste the bread made exclusively with ancient Sicilian grains and organic flours, and visit the “Tenute dell’Abate” winery, which with its 62 hectares of vineyards it is an important wine-producing reality in the area.

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