Sicily itineraries: the Riviera of the Cyclops

acitrezza porto
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It was the majestic and ancient eruptions of Etna that gave rise to what we now call and know as the Cyclops Riviera, a jagged coast dotted with many villages (Aci Bonaccorsi, Aci Catena, Aci Sant’Antonio, Acireale, Aci Castello, Acitrezza) and particularly picturesque, especially in the area of Acitrezza and Aci Castello, where the sea stacks emerge from clear waters.

For a magnificent overall view you can climb the short promontory that houses the Norman castle, now used as a civic museum with 3 sections dedicated respectively to mineralogy, paleontology and archaeology.

A little further on is the small baroque jewel of Acireale gathered around two very elegant squares: that of the Duomo, with the Church of SS. Peter and Paul and the Town Hall; and also the church of San Sebastiano.

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The piana di Catania is a largest and very fertile area in Sicily, thanks to the products left by the volcanic activity of Etna. The citrus fruits that grow here in endless gardens take nourishment from the lava, a source of economic well-being which has generated, over time, some towns. An example is Militello Val di Catania, the least known of the baroque towns brought together by UNESCO. We will not neglect it: a large Benedictine convent, many churches with splendid and picturesque decorations and the eighteenth-century palaces and villas are worth a stop.

Just as Caltagirone, a few kilometers away, is another city that has deserved recognition from UNESCO. Here the baroque of the eighteenth-century reconstruction is enriched by a production of pottery that we find in the artisan workshops, in the gardens, in the domes, in the street plaques, on the balconies. Don’t miss the spectacular Santa Maria del Monte staircase with its 142 steps.

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Discover the beauty of Sicily through these lovely locations and prepare to be enchanted.

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