11 Places to explore Sicily in winter

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Winter in Sicily reveals the island in a whole new perspective. Contrary to its summer fame, this region turns into an enchanting winter destination, offering unique and fascinating experiences.

In this article, we suggest some wonderful winter destinations or places you can explore during the months of December, January and February.

Etna volcano, shrouded in a majestic white mantle, offers enchanting landscapes and unique opportunities. December is the perfect time to experience the fairy-tale atmosphere of snow on Etna, with the possibility of exciting snowshoeing.

If weather conditions are favorable, the Piano Provenzana (Etna north side), ski resort offers opportunities to rent sleds, participate in ski or snowboard lessons, or simply ski down the slopes of the volcano. If the snow pushes to lower altitudes, horseback riding or trekking through snow-covered trails and forests offer breathtaking views.

Soak up the Christmas atmosphere in Caltagirone, the city in eastern Sicily with the greatest holiday spirit. Caltagirone’s nativity scenes, made from materials as varied as glass, ceramics and pasta, are among the most renowned on the island. Enjoy a walk along the famous Santa Maria del Monte Staircase, a staircase of more than 160 steps decorated with Sicilian majolica tiles.

Luoghi da esplorare in Sicilia durante l'inverno

Take advantage of the quiet of winter to visit the charming Nebrodi villages, including Randazzo, Cesarò, Tortorici and Montalbano Elicona. Far from the crowds, discover the authenticity of these quaint places.

Just a stone’s throw from Cesarò, Lake Maulazzo in the Nebrodi Mountains is one of the most striking settings in eastern Sicily. During winter, the lake freezes over, turning into an ice surface surrounded by snow-covered trees.

Luoghi da esplorare in Sicilia durante l'inverno

During the off-season, Modica with its baroque style hosts ChocoModica, a festival dedicated to chocolate, recently awarded the PGI designation, enjoy a visit to the Chocolate Museum and explore the UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic center.

Luoghi da esplorare in Sicilia durante l'inverno
(C) Sicilying

Taormina, with its Ancient Theater overlooking Mount Etna and panoramic Public Gardens by the sea, is the ideal place to spend Valentine’s Day in a romantic atmosphere.

Custonaci offers a spectacular living nativity scene every year in Scurati’s Mangiapane Cave. With 160 figures performing scenes of daily life, this unique representation takes place inside a vast prehistoric cave.

Erice celebrates Christmas with the “EricèNatale” event, transforming the medieval town into a magical place. Atmospheric nativity scenes, parades of Santa Claus and pipers, and traditional Christmas markets enliven the quaint squares. Explore Erice’s attractions along the route surrounded by the Cyclopean Walls at the entrance to the town.

Cefalù offers a unique alternative for New Year’s Eve, celebrated on the beach, in the streets and squares with musical entertainment and fireworks displays. Don’t miss the descent from the Rock of Cefalù of the old witch on New Year’s Eve. Explore the town and its attractions during the less crowded period.

The cities of Acireale and Sciacca are the capitals of Carnival in Sicily. The Acireale Carnival, one of the oldest and most beautiful in Italy, offers parades of floats and brightly colored masks. Plan your visit between February 16th until 4th March, 2025 to participate in the festivities.

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