Diving Sicily: Discovering the rare beauties at the bottom of the sea


Who wouldn’t like to have a look at what lies beneath the sea? Today we tell you a little about this sport that is unknown to some, giving you some advice on diving in Sicily.

Diving in Sicily: What’s about?

Diving or scuba diving is a sport created to observe the underwater environment and peacefully enjoy the silence and the wonders that lie beneath it. More and more people are embarking on this experience to try the thrill of a deep dive, see how light behaves at certain depths and meet fish and other forms of marine life.

What does an immersion consist of?

Each dive, after having been previously planned, is carried out with maximum safety and with the appropriate equipment which is always checked before entering the water by the instructors. In fact, before carrying out the dive, all participants are given an instructional briefing with all the information to follow regarding the time spent under water and the depth to be reached. Furthermore, the methods of entering and exiting the water, the signals for underwater communication and the safety and emergency management procedures are illustrated.

Diving Sicily: Is it a sport suitable for everyone?

Sure! Diving does not require particular athletic performances. The performance required of participants is such that with minimal practical training excellent results can be achieved with peace of mind and fun. And practicing underwater activities only requires a general good state of psycho-physical health.

Diving Sicily: here’s where to do it


If you love the sea and want to explore unique seabeds rich in fauna, between the natural reserve of Isola Bella and Giardini Naxos, seize the opportunity! The particular conformation of the coast of Taormina with its coves, bays, sheer walls, caves and rocks, guarantees a great variety of diving points, giving divers the opportunity to carry out personalized dives according to their degree of certification and experience . Among the most interesting dives we point out the Isola bella nature reserve with its spectacular passages and caves and the Roman columns of Capo Taormina which allow you to take a dive into history in the presence of fin nobilis, magnosa and octopuses, the calcarea shoal with its colony of sea eagles, the blue cave and the shrimp cave. Try the Diving Initiation: Sea Baptism in Taormina!

Another experience that we recommend you do, tailor-made for those who want to experience a first underwater adventure, it is along the coast of Syracuse lasting about three hours. Initially you will have a short theoretical lesson to learn the diving methods and then you will carry out the dive from a dinghy, to a depth of approximately five metres. The sea dives will be done along the coast, near the village of Marzamemi, one of the most fascinating coasts in eastern Sicily, and each student will be accompanied by a qualified personal instructor.

Discover the beauties of underwater Sicily thanks to the Diving experience with Sicilying and prepare to be enchanted.

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