Sicilian Mountains: all you need to know

If you are planning your trip to Sicily and you are a mountain lover, then you are exactly where you need to be! We have created for you a brief guide concerning Sicilian Mountains so that you do not miss out on any place and excursion!

Mount Etna

sicilian mountains

Mount Etna is among the highest peaks and most active volcanic complex in all Europe. Its frequent eruptions over history have sometimes deeply modified the surrounding landscape, to such a level that several times over the course of history its eruptions have also affected the inhabitants of the areas around the volcano itself. On June 21st, 2013 Mount Etna has become part of the UNESCO world heritage. The complex includes over 300 inactive volcanic cones! There are several ways to visit Mount Etna: quad, jeep, hiking, mountain-biking or with the funicular railway.

Hyblaean Mountains

It is a mountainous plateau located in the south-eastern part of Sicily in an area delimited by the cities of Ragusa, Syracuse and Catania. Mount Lauro, on the border between the municipalities of Ragusa and Syracuse, it is the highest peak (around 987mt above sea level). The plateau is affected by the course of several rivers and torrents that have deeply carved its appearance sometimes with the shape of the meanders.  The Hyblaean clefts are generally considered canyons because of their similarities with the North American canyons. However, they are locally considered the Hyblaean “caves” among which the most popular is Cavagrande del Cassibile, defined as the “most beautiful canyon of the entire Hyblaean plateau”. These mountains have preserved the millenniums old traces of its ancient populations, here you may find necropolis, catacombs and rock churches.

We advise you to check out this jeep tour in the Cavagrande park:

Madonie Mountains

The Madonie are a mountainous complex located in the North-Western part of Sicily nearby Palermo. Pizzo Carbonara is the tallest mountain in this complex (1979mt above sea level) and it is the second tallest peak in Sicily right after Mount Etna (3340mt above sea level). The activities you may find in this area are many, for example a quad tour from Cefalù to Castelbuono passing across the Madonie.

There is even a trek on the path of the giant hollies, a trail that leaves everyone astounded! You can plunge in the untouched nature and admire these rare plants in all of their greatness.

Nebrodi Mountains

This is a mountainous complex in the Northern part of Sicily, close to Messina. They face the North overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Their Southern limit is Mount Etna and the Alcantara and Simeto rivers separates them.

You should not miss the trek on the Agrimusco Rocks, some gigantic megaliths whose forms have been partly shaped by the prehistorical inhabitants of the area and partly by the weather erosion. The view breathtaking view, going from the Aeolian islands to the Agrimusco plateau to Mount Etna, only adds an incredible value to this location.

The view on the Agrimusco rocks cannot be missed, its megaliths are often referred to as the Sicilian Stonehenge thanks to the presence of these rocks with the most curious shapes.

Peloritani Mountains

this complex is found in the North-Eastern part of Sicily, in between the Nebrodi Mountains and Mount Etna. The highest peak is Montagna Grande (1347mt above sea level), between Motta Camastra and Antillo. Our advice for you is to take part in a 3h quad tour starting in the Alcantara Canyon.

Sicani Mountains

Mount Cammarata (1578mt above sea level) is a mountain in the municipality of Agrigento. It is the tallest mountain of the Sicani complex. From its peak, in the clearest days, you can see at East Mount Etna and at North the Madonie complex with Mount Saint Calogero and a glimpse of the Tyrrhenian sea.

Discover all the quad tours among Sicilian Mountains!

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