Sicily: Etna excursions essential tips

Sicily, a land of contrasts, offers breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable adventures, with Mount Etna excursions at the forefront. Essential tips for these excursions highlight the importance of preparation to fully experience Etna’s magnificence.

Our essential tips

Before embarking on any excursion to Mount Etna, it is essential to prepare properly. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Dress in layers: the weather on Etna can vary drastically, so it is advisable to wear layered clothing to easily adapt to different temperatures.
  2. Proper shoes: Wearing sturdy and comfortable hiking shoes is essential to deal with the volcano’s rugged terrain.
  3. Water and snacks: carrying plenty of water and energy snacks is crucial to maintain hydration and energy during the hike.
  4. Expert Guide: relying on experienced guides not only ensures safety but also enriches the experience with anecdotes and information about the area.
Sicily: Etna Excursions and Essential Tips
Image by Sicilying

5 must-do excursions on Mount Etna

If you are planning a visit to this iconic giant, here are 5 must-do experiences that will allow you to discover the magic and majesty of Mount Etna in ways you never imagined:

  • Quad bike adventures on Etna and Alcantara: whether you prefer to ride alone or in company, you will have an unforgettable experience, admiring breathtaking landscapes, crossing ancient lava flows and exploring canyons shaped by the water of the Alcantara River.
  • Etna high altitude, cable car and off road tour altitude 2920m: admire breathtaking lava landscapes and an unparalleled panorama, suspended between sky and sea.
  • Etna Sunset Excursion: your adventure includes a tasting of local products at a farm, exploration of a lava cave with an expert guide, and a walk to Rifugio Sapienza to admire the flows of the latest eruptions and the Silvestri craters.
Sicily: Etna Excursions and Essential Tips
Image by Sicilying
  • Trekking to Mount Etna’s summit craters: trek to Mount Etna’s summit with a guide: Europe’s tallest active volcano at 3,000m, an essential adventure for hiking fans.
  • E-MTB tour Etna at High Altitude: discover Etna in an adventurous and sustainable way with our electric mountain bike tours along the Altomontana Trail. Half-day or full-day Etna treks explore forests, lava flows, and landscapes with 750m or 1000m elevation gain, respectively.
Sicily: Etna Excursions and Essential Tips
Image by Sicilying

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