Sicily in all its glory: what to do in Agrigento

Agrigento is a province that overlooks a long stretch of the Sicilian Channel. Consequently, there is no shortage of both rocky and sandy beaches where visitors can relax and enjoy the sun.

A few examples: the sand of Eraclea Minoa enclosed by a pine forest, Porto Palo di Menfi, several times awarded the blue flag; San Leone, the favorite beach of the people of Agrigento; Mollarella and Castello Falconara, in the territory of Licata, with sandy beaches.

Places worthy of special mention

The so-called Scala dei Turchi, in the territory of Realmonte, a rocky wall of very white marl that descends in steps to the sea.

And then the island of Lampedusa, the largest of the Pelagie Islands, famous for the uniqueness of its natural environments, the beauty of its alternating coves and small beaches with rocky headlands.

On the other hand, for those who like to combine the relaxation of a vacation with spa treatment nothing better than the sulfur waters of the Terme di Sciacca, known and appreciated since Roman times.

what to do in Agrigento cosa fare ad Agrigento

Literary paths

The territory, but especially the women and men of the Agrigento area seem to have been and continue to be endless sources of inspiration for world-renowned writers.

Agrigento can boast of a rich literary heritage, being the birthplace of some outstanding authors. Among its illustrious sons are Luigi Pirandello, Leonardo Sciascia and, more recently, Andrea Camilleri.

what to do in Agrigento cosa fare ad Agrigento

Don’t forget to add Palma di Montechiaro to your itinerary, in whose most important palaces Tomasi di Lampedusa!

The excellences of handicrafts

There are two interesting destinations for shopping out of the ordinary. A stroll along the streets of downtown Sciacca, the capital of artistic handicrafts, who stand out in two particular areas:

  1. Sciacca coral is known for its variety of colors, ranging from salmon pink to orange, but it is the deep red that makes it famous and highly valuable.
  2. Another equally famous and even older craft tradition in Sciacca is pottery making, with roots dating back to the 15th century. This tradition is based on ancient shapes, colors and decorations.
ceramiche agrigento what to do in Agrigento

For those who wish to explore a land rich in history, culture, delicious food and enchanting landscapes, Agrigento is a must-see destination in Sicily.

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