Explore Salina: a journey between volcanoes and crystal clear sea

Salina, nestled among the beautiful Aeolian Islands, reveals its unique beauty with six ancient volcanoes that make it a true natural jewel. Divided into three municipalitiesSanta Marina, Malfa and Leni-Salina offers an unforgettable experience, enveloped by vineyards, olive trees, caper plants, myrtle and broom.

The charm of the coasts and beaches

While most of Salina’s coastline reveals itself in majestic cliffs, the few beaches are genuine gems not to be missed. Pollara beach, carved into the rock, while the natural arch and diving opportunities in the clear sea capture the attention of underwater enthusiasts.

Pollara, a former crater, and Malfa offer the most beautiful beaches along with a small bay not far from Rinella that is reached by an easy marked path. Remember that if you are looking for sand that can be found in Rinella.

cosa vedere e cosa fare a Salina alle Isole Eolie

Must-see tourist attractions

For lovers of scenic adventures, the viewpoint at Pollara offers an unforgettable spectacle of the sun sinking into the sea, providing breathtaking plays of color.

Excursions to Punta Perciato and Secca del Capo reveal the beauty of the seabed. Every year this resort attracts many visitors especially for its clean and “certified” sea: for seven years Santa Marina Salina has won 5 sails of the Legambiente Blue Guide and thanks to the crystal clear waters and the increasing number of services offered in the municipal area.

We recommend you visit the Nature Reserve The Mountains of Ferns and Leeks which offers paths surrounded by greenery that lead to extraordinary peaks, such as the 962 meters of Mount Fossa delle Felci these paths are suitable for both the more and the less experienced.

Not to be missed is the hike up Mt. Fossa delle Felci, starting from Valdichiesa(ME). Up there at a height of almost a thousand meters it is possible to admire in the cone an enchanting forest of ferns and a panorama of the other islands. South of Santa Marina is the pond of Punta Lingua, in which it is possible to glimpse ruins of Roman walls from the imperial age. This pond is a stopover for many migratory birds that, on their way to Africa or returning from it, transit the archipelago. These include the pink flamingo. Salina is the most fertile and water-rich island of the Aeolian Islands; fine grapes are grown from which Malvasia delle Lipari, a sweet-tasting wine, and capers, exported worldwide, are made.

History and authentic flavors

Salina dresses itself in history through the Santa Marina Salina Civic Museum and the Wine Museum, which narrate the different eras of the island. From archaeological finds to evidence of Greek and Roman civilization, Salina reveals ancient secrets.

But not only history, authentic flavors are also part of the Salina experience: from Salina’s Salad to swordfish skewers and stuffed squid, each dish tells of the island’s culinary tradition and passion.

cosa vedere e cosa fare a Salina alle Isole Eolie

Discover hidden treasures, admire breathtaking views of this wonderful Aeolian island. Salina awaits you for an unforgettable experience!

Our tours are designed to offer you a complete experience, enriched by the professionalism and enthusiasm of our team.

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