Sicily itineraries: Agrigento and the cultural routes

The art and culture of western Sicily, in Agrigento, here are some routes and experiences you absolutely must try!

Route through excellence in agriculture

In order to improve the economic conditions of the province of Agrigento, it took the intuition of large northern wineries to discover a reality that was under everyone’s nose: the Sicilian territory and climate, added to modern winemaking techniques and appropriate marketing strategies constitute the fundamental components for the (re)discovery of a wine vocation that is having success in markets around the world.

Nero d’Avola, Sicily’s leading red wine, quickly gained international fame, boosting other local grapes like Catarratto, Insolia, and Grillo, previously used for family or blending.

What’s more, it was discovered that allochthonous grape varieties such as: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Chardonnay find excellent acceptance in Sicilian soils.

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Shifting focus to Bivona, known for its sweet, fragrant white peaches (PGI) and a renowned variety of strawberries, both celebrated for their quality.

Moving down to the coast, in Ribera and the surrounding towns we find the flourishing cultivation of blond Navel oranges, which have even assumed the rank of PDO.

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Industrial archaeology trail

In the late 19th century, towns like Aragona, Racalmuto, Favara, and Campobello di Licata developed sulfur mines, exporting through Licata and Porto Empedocle ports.

Most of the mining sites are in a state of abandonment, only for a few of them are attempts being made to convert them into a mining park for tourist-museum and scientific enjoyment, for example the Ciavalotta mine, in the territory of Favara, where, in addition to the galleries, the archaeological-industrial apparatuses used by the miners are still preserved.

Another interesting site, but more difficult to visit, is the Zolfara Taccia-Caci, in the territory of Aragona, but it also caused the economic collapse of Luigi Pirandello’s family. It is not difficult to recognize in these places the settings of the unforgettable pages of the writer from Agrigento.

The Realmonte mine is home to the “Salt Cathedral,” a unique church carved out of salt, features an altar, sculptures and sacred bas-reliefs inside.

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